The tackle you will be using is light action, with 10-14# test line. The fish you seek will be up to 12 pounds, with the occasional behemoth tipping the scales at over 30 pounds!

These fish can be caught on live bait as well as a number of artificial lures and even flies when the conditions are right. Wading, drifting, or anchoring are the preferred methods of finding fish in this area. Arrangements can be made with the guide the night before as to your preferred fishing method, or the guide will just do what works the best.

If you would like to make arrangements before your arrival for fly fishing, sight fishing or wade fishing, we will place you with the guide best suited for the task. Our primary goal is to keep you happy and safe while providing a great fishing experience.

Redfish Lodge supplies high quality rods, reels, and tackle while you are here, but if you have a favorite setup that you can’t live without, please bring it along. Light to medium action rods and reels with 8-17# test line work well. If you are bringing a fly rod, 6 to 10 weights with weight forward or double taper floating line and 8 to 12 pound leaders are well suited for this type of fishing.

Please call before your trip to request a fly fishing trip planner if you would like more specifics on fly fishing and the hottest flies and lures. Wading belts, waders, and booties are good to bring if you have them. The lodge does keep a limited supply, but we may not have the perfect fit for everyone.

We have staff available at all times to answer fishing questions and make all the arrangements necessary to assure a pleasant and successful trip.