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June 2017 Fishing Report


The spring coastal winds have been above average so far for sure, but accessibility to a lot of the water in the bay system has not been necessary. That’s because fishing close to home has been so good. The protected waters right around Redfish Lodge have been very productive for trout, including some really nice sized specimens, as well as reds and a few flounder.

The same has been true of the reefs and shorelines near the launch ramp at Goose Island State Park, so long boat rides have not been needed to find good fish.

On days when the wind relaxes a bit and we have an opportunity to look around, we are continually amazed by the great trout populations on the many reefs and shorelines in the area. Croakers and lures have been very productive, and the fish have been concentrated on the shallow shell for the most part.

If you’ve been following our Facebook page, you probably noticed a number of monster reds that have also been caught and released in the past few weeks. Not sure why the bay is full of them as well, but it has been fun fighting them!

Decent amounts of periodic rain has prevented the bay water from getting too hot or too saline, and that usually keeps the trout action hot throughout the summer.

With the winds coming down, as they always do in late June, there will probably be some opportunities to hit the gulf for some great near shore and surf fishing. Ling, king mackerel, tripletail, reds, and trout can all be found in an average surf trip, and that makes for an exciting day. Even if the breezes are blowing, the bay trout action promises not to disappoint.

April 2017 Fishing Report

The first fishing report of our 25th season. Dates are still available for May and June, call or email me to book for great fishing, food and fun!

The 2017 season has begun at Redfish Lodge, and the spring winds have been here to greet us!  Warm air, low tides, and hard southeast winds have dictated the weather pattern thus far, and there are a few more cold fronts headed our way in the next week.  Luckily, the fish seem to be fond of the wind, as the drum and reds have been very cooperative.  Bottom fishing on the windward shorelines of bays from St. Charles to San Antonio with shrimp and mullet has resulted in some great catches, as well as an amazing number of whooping crane sightings and photos.  On a few mornings when the wind slacked slightly, the trout were eager to take a live shrimp under a popping cork on some of the area reefs.

With the arrival of the equinox and the big tide it brings, lots of baitfish and slicking trout have been flooding past Redfish Lodge the past few days.  Water temps have warmed to 74 degrees, and the trout have begun staging for their spawn.  The big girls are up shallow, so wading is the best way to get them to bite.  Wet wading is now comfortable, but be sure to bring long pants as there are already a few jellyfish around.  All the fish we are catching seem to be fat and happy, the result of a mild winter and plenty of food.  The bays are loaded with hopper shrimp and mullet, and a few menhaden can already be seen in the channels.

Croakers are still about a month away, but shrimp has been really good for all species including flounder.

In a few weeks the wind will let up and the patterns will change, but for now we will keep targeting the dirty water and keeping the rods bent.

A Spring Fishing Report From Brian

Lots of rain combined with lots of tide has been a recipe for lots of fish! This spring has been really productive for trout and drum alike, and in the last two weeks the reds have decided to join the party. Shrimp, menhaden, and mullet have all been producing good numbers of fish, and so have plastics when the winds are down.


We are on the cusp of croaker season right now, with a few croaker flags flying above bait stands in town. It’s been tough to transition to croakers when shrimp have been producing so well, but the day is coming soon.

All bays have been really consistent in producing fish, on shell reefs as well as shorelines and grass beds. Another round of rain is due this week, promising more fresh water and good fish activity well into summer. Join the fun! We still have dates available for June, July & August.