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Why Do So Many Executives Gather To Admire The Sunset at Redfish Lodge Following A Day Of Fishing?


They seem a world removed from the busy schedule of the corporate office.

Redfish Lodge is a mixture of business and pleasure. For corporate clients, the combination seems to be exactly what the busy executive world needs to recharge its batteries. Redfish Lodge’s corporate base has been growing steadily since 1992.

The privacy of the lodge and the time spent casting a rod helps foster work relationships that are hard to develop in traditional meetings. The lodge takes people and places them together in a position where they can get to know one another.

Redfish Lodge is striving for excellence in service and attention to detail because we know corporations expect nothing less. We cater to specific needs and wants. We know the clients want a hassle-free experience, while still having the flexibility to customize any visit. This includes a variety in meals and recreation and a unique atmosphere for entertainment and business.

Accessibility is important. We are within driving distance of Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Corpus Christi. Also, we are only a short flight from Dallas and Denver.

If business is built on trust, Redfish Lodge is the place to provide and build these attributes. The semi-isolated settings create a captive audience for team building, deal discussing and staff recognition.

With facilities for up to 26 guests and 2 lodges, Redfish Lodge may just be the ideal setting for your next business gathering.

When was the last time you had a meeting where the only interruption was a beautiful sunset or a flock of shore birds flying overhead?