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2016 Fishing Report

Congratulations to Randy Jenkins who landed and released this 47 inch and 42 lbs bullred. A new Redfish Lodge record!

Congratulations to Randy Jenkins who landed and released this 47 inch and 42 lbs bullred. A new Redfish Lodge record!

With some time to reflect on Redfish Lodge’s 2016 season, I am still firmly convinced that it was the most successful year from a fishing standpoint that we have ever had. While it was happening I found that thought repeatedly running through my mind, and in retrospect I was not simply caught up in the moment.


A perfect culmination of light winds, high tides, and rain working in conjunction with the newly opened Cedar Bayou has had a tremendous positive impact on our fishery. Trout have enjoyed an incredible resurgence in both size and quantity, which is still holding true in winter fishing. Redfish were plentiful throughout the year, with a lot of giants released back to the bays, including a new lodge record set in October. All manner of baitfish and crabs were present en masse throughout the season, making our fish population fat and healthy. Until this past weekend, the winter has been mild and summer-like allowing our fish to continue to feed and thrive. Now that we have had a good cold snap, the winter fishing pattern should fully emerge.

As we come out of a cold weekend and back to temperatures in the 80’s this week, it is only natural to stop daydreaming about the unprecedented 2016 season and start looking to 2017. With the bays in the best shape they’ve been in the last 20 years and a fish population that seems to be headed straight up, the prospects are exciting to say the least. Make your reservation now to see for yourself what this season has in store!

Redfish Lodge May 2016 Fishing Update


Many anglers & guides alike look back on the mid-nineties as the “glory days” of trout fishing on the Texas coast. I was just a few years into the business, & at the time I did not appreciate the abundance of fish & the quality of the estuary. By 2004, the drought had begun to affect our bays & fishing had become tougher as a rule. I often fondly looked back at the “good old days” when trout seemed to be bigger & everywhere while I was routinely making a 30-mile run to find fish in the late 2000’s.

I almost always mention rain & its effects on our fishing in each of my reports, & the last 20 months or so have blessed us with unprecedented rains in the Rockport area. This inflow of fresh water, in addition to the reopening of Cedar Bayou in September, 2014, has made a tremendous impact on our fishery.


Looking back on April & May, I can say with confidence that I have NEVER seen trout of this quality & abundance in our bay system in the 23 years I have been fishing the waters of Rockport. Salinity is low, bait fish is available & abundant, shrimp & crabs are everywhere, & we, the anglers, are the beneficiaries of it all.

Another round of significant rain is expected here in the next few days, all but assuring that our summer salinity levels & water temps will stay low, and that our fishing will remain at or near this incredibly high level for the next several months.

If you want to participate in some amazing fishing, book a trip to Redfish Lodge this summer and see for yourself. There is no doubt in my mind that years from now we will look back at this season as the “glory days” of trout in Rockport.