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Redfish April 2016 Fishing Update

The 2016 fishing season is still quite young, and yet it seems that we have seen every condition nature can throw at us. High tides followed by extreme low tides, strong winds followed by slick calm days, pouring rain followed by high pressure and blue skies, an ever changing assortment of conditions have kept Redfish Lodge guides on their toes.


While a variety of fishing techniques have been employed in a variety of areas under a variety of conditions, the outcomes have remained relatively consistent. Fish are being brought to the boat.

On the calmer days when the water greens up, live shrimp under popping corks have been keeping our anglers busy. Trout, and LOTS of them, have been eating on the shell reefs of Copano, Aransas, and Mesquite bays. While a lot of these fish are small, focusing on pockets of bigger fish has resulted in some nice boxes coming to the dock. These pretty days are also productive for wading with lures, as bigger trout mixed with a spattering of reds have been cruising the mullet rafts on the shorelines.

On the days when the winds are stronger, reds and drum are taking advantage of the dirty water ambush scenario by feeding on shrimp and mullet on both reefs and shorelines. Gulf menhaden are beginning to show up in the bays, and the reds have been responding positively to them as well.

The dramatic weather variations of a coastal spring will soon be coming to an end, but the fishing is only going to ramp up. Salinity conditions are ideal in the bay system right now, along with bait fish, crabs and shrimp in unprecedented numbers. The gamefish are fat and healthy, and the population seems to be in great shape.

2016 is on track to be the best fishing year in Redfish Lodge history!

Summer 2015 Fishing Update

The rains of spring and early summer have created some spectacular summer trout fishing in the Rockport area.


Cooler than normal bay waters and lower salinity have translated into a bounty of healthy, hungry trout. The waters in the middle of Aransas and Mesquite bays finally turned to the beautiful shade of green that Rockport anglers are accustomed to seeing when the wind subsided in late July.

Drum and reds have been scattered all over the shell in the northern part of our bay system and eagerly hit a shrimp or crab in the early part of the day. Copano, San Antonio, and St. Charles bays are still holding a lot of fresh water and as a result are not getting a lot of fishing pressure. This means the fall tide will open some untapped fisheries and keep the action going strong through fall.

Cedar Bayou is flowing great and has resulted in a lot more crabs in the bays and that means a redfish buffet come September. All the seagrass that grew as a result of the rains should translate into a great shrimp migration as well as a good duck season.

2015 has been one of the best fishing years so far, and shows a lot of promise for the rest of the season as well.

We have a bit of space in the Ruddy in the first few weeks of September but limited availability at both lodges in October. But it never hurts to ask as groups move dates often!  It’s going to be first come, first serve for the choice cast & blast dates for dove and duck season.

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Have a great rest of the summer, hopefully we’ll see you in the fall.