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Black Drum Recipe

james-fox-2011-5by James Fox

  • 4 black drum fillets
  • 4 tbsp butter
  • Black pepper
  • Salt or any other preferred seasoning
  • 1 sliced onion
  • 1 package frozen spinach thawed
  • Grated Parmesan cheese

Preheat oven to 350. Melt a stick of butter in a baking dish, coat both sides of fillets, season with black pepper, garlic salt or whatever seasonings you prefer. Lay the onions on top of the fillets, then coat the fillets with ½” spinach. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Bake uncovered for approx 30 min or until you can push a fork thru the thickest part of the fillet easily. (more…)

Go Figure

Go Figure!


  • 26- the number of clean, comfortable beds waiting for Redfish Lodge guests to arrive.
  • 237 – the number of fish caught by guests in 2010 that qualified for the Redfish Lodge wall of fame
  • 22 – number of lights that attract fish on lodge property every night
  • 9,651 – average number of fish attracted to these lights per night
  • 34,000,000 – number of fishermen who regret not making it to redfish lodge in 2010
  • 61 – number of spots on the spottiest redfish caught at Redfish Lodge in 2010
  • 214,569 – number of casts made by lodge guests last year
  • 9,550 – number of undersized trout released in 2010
  • 36,000- number of water bottles used in 2009 by lodge guest
  • 5,100- number of water bottles used by guests in 2010
  • 1,691- number of hours put on Redfish Lodge boat fleet in 2010


Published in 2011 Redfish Lodge Newsletter

Brian’s FAQ

brian-2011-4I manned the Redfish Lodge exhibit booth at the Dallas Safari Club show in January, and noticed that all would-be lodge guests bombarded me with the same set of questions. In an effort to shed some light on the answers, I figured there would be no better forum than the Redfish Lodge Newsletter. After all, where better to get questions answered than in a newsletter!

Visitors who stopped by the show booth having been a guest at Redfish Lodge in the past all asked one question: “How was the fishing this year?” To that I responded truthfully: “It was the best fishing season in recent memory, both for reds and certainly black drum. (more…)

Light Stalker

by Dave Lear

fishing-with-lights-2011-3One of the best aspects of my job is that it lets me regularly fish new places. There’s something special about virgin waters. I pore over SWS back issues and web reports for background research. I triple pack rods, lures and gear to cover any contingency. When the time finally comes to get on the water, it’s pure sensory overload. The opportunity to learn different techniques and pick a guide’s brain has proven invaluable time and again.

With this in mind, I gladly accepted the invitation to attend Coastal Conservation Association’s recent media summit in Rockport, Texas. (more…)