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Bastante Bay Bash Winners

Congratulations to Brian Holden, Scott Isbell, Ryan Waggoner and Kevin Callum! They are the 2013 Bastante Bay Bash fishing tournament winners. They weighed in 5 fish and won by less than 1/2 a pound!Brian tourny win

A great letter from a new guest!

We get letters….glad they had such a great trip!

My husband and I recently stayed at Redfish Lodge to celebrate our one year anniversary (July 12-14) and had a wonderful time. We wanted to send you a note to tell you that our experience was above our expectations with not only the fishing, but during our time on the property as well.

Upon arrival Mary Helen greeted us on the grounds, gave us a brief tour and promptly whipped up a tasty appetizer for us to snack on after our drive in from Houston.  That evening we enjoyed many of the great amenities such as playing a game of ping pong while wishing we would find ourselves hanging a wooden fish on the wall of fame. Our evening host, Mace, took great care of us… Even going out of his way to purchase a loaf of bread for  me to feed the ducks after he saw how much fun I was having while feeding them left over rolls from our fabulous dinner.

We went to bed with great anticipation of the following mornings fishing trip not really sure what to expect with it being the middle of July in Texas and lets be honest… My husband is the experienced fisherman of the family and I wasn’t even entirely sure how to hold the rod and reel!  Heather, our morning host promptly knocked on our door that morning. For me, five am came very quickly! However, Jason was up out of bed and  eager  to get on the water. After getting ready, we enjoyed a tasty, hot breakfast and discovered the lunch selections laid out ready to pack for the boat trip. Heather was not only a great cook but she was so friendly and started getting us excited about the day on the water.  So far the trip had been a great success and we hadn’t even started fishing!!

A peaceful, relaxing vacation was underway and we had exceptional staff caring for us and we’d eaten wonderful food and drank plenty of beer and wine.  However, the real adventure really started as we stepped on Captain Joel’s boat before day break. He was very knowledgeable and got us right to work finding trout. He was incredible patient with me while teaching me how to cast while keeping my extremely talented husband baited up and reeling in fish!  That first day was a rough one as the wind decided to not blow leaving it fairly hot and the bottle nose dolphins were uncannily attracted to every good fishing hole :). While that was no issue for me as I thought it was fantastic to see one so close, I quickly realized it was bad for fishing!  Even with the odds not being in our favor, Joel worked us around the bay. My husband and I walked away with 14 keeper trout with one coming in at 23 inches! I have to admit… I contributed very little to the expedition as I found myself mostly pulling in ‘hard head’s or sub-15 inch trout. Yet still by the end of the day I had the biggest smile as I learned to cast on my own and could even untangle my reel should I find myself in an unfortunate situation my casting didn’t go well.

Our first day was a huge success all thanks to Joel for managing between two very different skill levels in tougher fishing conditions. Luckily, we(and by we I really mean Jason) were able to catch our own dinner and that evening the fish were amazingly prepared by Mary Helen. The new arrivals were very jealous of our pecan crusted trout and couldn’t wait for their turn the night after.

And if everything aforementioned wasn’t good enough, we still haven’t even gotten to the best part.  The next morning, 5am came and again we got ready, had breakfast and were meet by Joel ready to take us out for day two. I wasn’t really expecting to have a better time that day than we did the day before… But somehow we managed to do exactly that.  Joel’s coaching the day before must have sunk in overnight (combined with a lot of luck) because that day we worked the bay again and pulled 20 keeper speckled  trout, 1 sand trout and a 20.5 red fish!  Of the 20 keeper speckled trout over 7 where over 20 inches. (20 1/4, 23, 23, 23 1/2,  24,  24 1/8, and 24 1/4). Proudly I can say that reeled in five of the seven!! Jason and Joel were both equally impressed with my secret talent for bay fishing.  Joel truly made our fishing experience fun and memorable for both of us… Even stopping to let us take some great photos on the boat at the end  of the day! I’d love to share the photos with you showing Jason and my smiling faces and our mess of fish!Thanks to all of the staff at Redfish Lodge for making our experience so amazing.  Jason and I were very pleased and have some fantastic memories  from our first anniversary. It was truly one that we will both treasure and are sure to return in the future

July fishing report

And people think the fishing slows down in the summer…check out this 42″, 40# beauty caught & released by guest Cody Nath.Cody Nath 42inch 40lb

Celebrate Summer at Redfish Lodge

The winds of spring have crashed head-on into the heat of summer, leaving Rockport hot and breezy. The redfishing has slowed as is always true of this time of year, but the trout action has been good to excellent on the mid-bay reefs and spoil islands. Croakers are the bait if choice right now for trout, although good boxes of drum have been hitting the dock regularly using shrimp as bait.


If you are joining us, be sure to bring a lot of sunscreen and a big hat, as you will need both. The food will be spectacular, the air conditioning cold, and the hospitality wonderful so come on down and let’s catch some fish!


Dates are still available for this special offer ….


From July 3rd to September 9, 2013, Redfish Lodge is going to offer a very popular special that will make you want to join us this summer.


Book a summer outing and you will receive at no extra charge single occupancy for each guest in your party.  That is a savings of $100 per night per guest.  Bring 9 people and you will have the lodge exclusively for your group. Or just bring a few special clients who prefer a single room.


Remember that because Rockport’s climate is influenced by the Gulf, we rarely see daytime highs exceeding 93 degrees, a far cry from the 110 often found during these months in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.  Get out of the city for a couple of days and hit the bays with us, it might be the most fun you have all summer! 


Have a happy and safe 4th of July from all of us at Redfish Lodge.

Best of the day today…so far!

Today’s fishing report – a whopper 18lb, 36″ redfish caught and released by Joe Blount!

18 lbs 36 Joe blount

A fishing update from Brian

Spring has certainly taken its sweet time getting to the coastal bend this year, with cold front after cold front relentlessly pummeling the coast.  Water temperatures that should be consistently in the 80s by early May have been down in the mid-60s as recently this week.  Every time we think it’s safe to put up the knit cap and ski gloves, we have two mornings in a row where they become required gear.

Great fluctuations in tides associated with these cold fronts have had the fish all over the map, and often require changes in location and fishing tactics from one day to the next.  On the days when the winds are up, redfishing with shad, mullet, or pin perch has been consistently good.  When the winds back off a little, shrimp and popping corks have produced some great boxes of trout and drum on the mid-bay reefs from Copano to San Antonio bays.

Croaker fishing, which has usually hit its stride by the first week of May, is just now showing signs of life as the trout are only now beginning the first stages of their spawn.  The trout caught on croakers this week have been consistently good fish, with many in the 22-26 inch range.  The croakers are still small and frail as a result of the late spring, but the fish that want them don’t seem to mind.

A wetter weather pattern has also found its way to the coastal bend, so dusting off the rain jacket is a must some days.  This is great for the fishery, as it keeps water temperatures and salinity low.  It also promotes for the growth of sea grasses, shrimp and crab spawns, and will keep the game fish very active well into summer.  Historically wet years always correspond with monumentally good fishing, so this is looking to be one heck of a season.

Latest Photo contest entry

The newest photo contest entry – Guest Marc Perez with his 30” redfish and 24” trout caught on a white Berkley Gulp 3” shrimp- 1/16 jig head.

He says “Thank you to Brian and all the staff at Redfish Lodge.”

Marc Perez

Today’s Fishing Report

34 for Sherry

A 34 1/2″ redfish caught by favorite guest Sherry. Enough said!

2013 Photo Contest Winner

Redfish Smile is the winning picture with 48.4% of the votes! Jeff Dennis, start planning your trip to Redfish Lodge.

Action Verbs You May Experience at Redfish Lodge

SET- You’re getting as bite, and the time has come to bury that hook and turn your fish inside out, so SET it! Can be substituted with HIT, PULL, or RIP (as in “his lips off”)

FIGHT- Not one you want on most vacations, but when pulling on a big red you better FIGHT him if you want him in the boat! Can be substituted with PLAY, GET ON, or YANK (more…)