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Redfish Lodge Boat Sales

As any of you who have been guests at Redfish Lodge know, our guides fish out of 21’ Shallowsport boats. What you may not know is that these boats are for sale! Redfish Lodge is continuously selling off our fleet and updating with new Shallowsports. If you have fished out of these boats and liked what you saw, why not look into buying one for yourself? The boats are fully rigged with Mercury EFI150 motors and controls, jack plate, poling platforms, push poles, a full compliment of rod holders, life jackets, anchor, compass, livewell with aerator, and best of all the experience of having caught thousands of fish. These boats are maintained to exacting standards, with a brand new motor every two years. The hulls are extremely durable fiberglass on plywood and have the patented Shallowsport tunnel design for extreme shallow water applications. As all of our guests can attest, this is the boat to have on the Texas Coast whether you are a lure, bait, or fly fisherman.

The retail value of one of these boats rigged out as listed above approximately $26,600. Our boats, which are from 1 month to 4 years in age, with a motor no older than two years, will be sold fully accessorized and ready to fish for $15,500-20,000.


If you are in the market for a used boat and would like more information or a test drive, please call 361-729-8100 and ask for Brian. Inquire about rod, reel, and lure rigging.