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The Way of The Kayak

For years, fishermen on the Texas Coast have been inventing better boats and better ways to access the vast shallow water estuaries that redfish and speckled trout like to call home. Recently, this trend has taken a huge step forward by going in reverse, back to the simplicity of the kayak. Though technology has made them lighter, faster, and more stable, the kayak has been around for thousands of years. Their stealth, ease of use, and abilities to navigate shallow and narrow waterways has made them right at home in our coastal bays and estuaries. This is causing tremendous growth in popularity among South Texas anglers. What better way to sneak up on a tailing redfish in the middle of a shallow grass flat than with a kayak.


Recent environmental concerns regarding the coastal seagrasses are causing many flats areas to be closed to motor boats. Kayakers are taking advantage of this new legislation by gaining nearly private access to some of the best shallow water fishing on the Texas Coast, without the competition of motorboats. Kayak clubs are springing up throughout Texas and kayak fishing tours are an everyday occurrence from Port O’Connor all the way to the Lower Laguna Madre. It seems that more and more people are discovering that kayaking is an effective, less expensive, healthier, and more environmentally sound alternative to motor boating.

Does this mean that motorboats are a thing of the past? Absolutely not, it seems as though we may have just discovered the best of both worlds.

Here at Redfish Lodge, we can read the writing on the wall. When a new lure comes out, we try it, a better fishing rod is made, we give it a go as well. So in keeping with giving our guests the best possible fishing experience, we have added a fleet of kayaks at the Lodge. Whether you are a seasoned kayaker or a first-timer out for a test run, we think you will enjoy our newest addition to the Redfish Lodge experience. For more information, check our website.