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Scates’ Red Shrimp

Hook: Standard saltwater, size 4 to 1/0. Mustad 34007, 3407 Tiemco 811S; Daiichi 2546; Partridge CS52
Thread: Danville 3/0 Monocord or 6/0 Uni-thread
Weedguard: 15 lb. hard Mason monofilament or similar
Antennae/mouth: Red bucktail and natural brown bucktail
Shellback: Red crystal flash
Eyes: Melted monofilament, colored black
Body: Red chenille
Legs: Very soft black hackle
Tail: Red crystal flash from the shellback

Tying Instructions

1. Start behind the eye of the hook, wrap halfway down the bend and back to the middle of the shank.

2. Tie in a 3″ piece of 15 lb. monofilament on top of the hook. Wrap down the bend and fasten the monofilament weedguard in place. Cover the wraps with cement.


3. For antennae, tie in a sparse bunch of red bucktail, slightly longer than the length of the hook. Cut off a small bunch of natural brown bucktail and even the tips. Tie in the brown bucktail so the tips surround the red bucktail, trim and taper the butts. Over this add a large bunch of red crystal flash for the shellback.

4. Prepare each eye by melting the end of a piece of monofilament into a ball. Color the melted end black and trim the monofilament to length. Wrap to a point opposite the hook barb and attach the monofilament eyes so they stick up and out from the shank. Bring your thread in front of the hook point and attach a single black hackle by the butt.

5. Wrap back to the mouth and antennae, directly above them tie in a piece of large red chenille. Advance your thread and wrap the chenille to the eye of the hook. Tie it off, but don’t crowd the eye. The black monofilament eyes should be sticking out just above the chenille.

6. Make four or five evenly spaced wraps of black hackle up to the hook eye and tie it off. Take your scissors and carefully cut off the barbs on top.

7. Pull the red crystal flash over the body to create the shellback. Tie off the crystal flash on top then pull the butt ends down and underneath. Tie them back and trim them short to imitate the shrimp’s tail.

8. Pull the monofilament weedguard forward and through the eye of the hook, adjust it for length and secure it with a few wraps of thread. Pull it back on top, tie it down again and trim the excess. Cover the head with thread, whip finish and cement.