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Unsung Heroes

Redfish Lodge has sent out thousands of comment cards over the last several years, and have learned a great deal from the responses. We know what to change, and what to keep the same. We ask if there was any staff member that made your trip a memorable one and many guests have responded positively. Our evening staff are often complimented for the culinary delights and attention to detail. The guides are mentioned often for putting guests on some great fishing. There is, however, a list of staff members who have never been mentioned on a comment card despite doing a great job day after day. They work behind the scenes to make sure that everything can go smoothly for the staff on the front lines. This segment is dedicated to them.

annAnn Gragg is our head housekeeper, and her very job depends upon never being seen or noticed. She makes sure that every guest returns from fishing to an immaculate room and a pristine lodge. She also makes sure that everything gets done in a very small window of time between the departure of one group and the arrival of the next group just two hours later. She routinely deals with weather-shortened fishing trips, late departures, early arrivals, and the disasters of those who elected to over-indulge the previous evening. Most impressively, she handles this huge responsibility while rarely ever being seen or noticed, and never being complimented on a comment card. Thanks Ann!

Eldon Flaherty handles grounds and building maintenance and always sees to it that everything on the property looks and runs perfectly. In addition, Eldon aids in guest transportation to and from airports and boat ramps as well as fish packaging and cleaning. He routinely deals with delayed airplanes, late airport arrivals, too many or not enough fish for guests, and the constant assault of the South Texas weather on our facilities. He is also on call for broken water lines in the middle of the night, electrical outages, and emergency grocery store runs if supplies run short. Again, his name has never appeared on a comment card. Thanks Eldon!

There is also the Boss who is hardly ever on site during the operating season. Aside from signing the checks his strategy is to encourage us to make Redfish Lodge the best in the world.