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Anglers’ Patron Saint

In our continuing quest to provide the best possible fishing experience, Redfish Lodge explores every conceivable avenue. Our latest is to employ the Patron Saint of Fishing. So far we have found that, depending upon the culture and text we research, seven different saints lay claim to this title. The choices are as follows:

  • Andrew the Apostle
  • Anthony of Papau
  • Benno
  • Nicholas of Myra
  • Our Lady of Salamera (Virgin Mary)
  • Peter the Apostle
  • Zeno of Verona

St. Andrew is definitely one of the top contenders but Andrew does not seem to specialize in fish; he seems to be a generalist. We all know what is said about a “Jack of all Trades…”

St. Anthony may be to fishing what Bob Eucker is to baseball. He may be very good at talking fishing, but his on-water experience is very sketchy. He should only be evoked if desperate.


Okay, who was praying for a white Christmas?

St. Benno, although a relatively minor deity, seems to have a soft spot for anglers; so we have given him a B plus.
St. Nicholas of Myra, not to be confused with the Christmas, St Nicholas, must have sneaked on the list. His credentials are very obscure. Especially when you look at Myra on an ancient map. Where does one fish in the desert?

Our Lady of Salamera (The Virgin Mary) is the patron of almost everything. She is far too busy with more urgent matters to be called on by anglers. If you have a big, hungry crowd and want to serve fish, her son has some experience with that. You may want to send him a prayer.

St. Peter the Apostle, although very busy with a multitude of responsibility, is never-the-less one Saint that will take time to be a positive influence on the boat or from shore. His mortal career as a fisherman in the Sea of Galilee comes in handy for this task.

St. Zeno of Verona is our choice to be the patron of Redfish Lodge. He is always depicted with rod in hand and occasionally with his catch as well. Zeno is our choice if a miracle is required to make the fish bite. He is doing a fine job at his newly appointed post, as you would see on any trip with one of our Redfish Lodge guides.