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Redfish Lodge Enters the 21st Century

Being in a remote setting sure has its advantages for quiet, privacy, seclusion, and of course…fishing. It is not, however, conducive to having state-of-the-art telecommunications at your fingertips.


We can brag that we have all of the above but fortunately the lodge is close enough to Rockport that Redfish Lodge is pleased to announce that we have advanced out of the dial-up dark ages by installing high speed WI-FI at our facility. Our guests can now access high speed internet from anywhere on our grounds using the wireless set-ups in their laptop computers. Check emails, surf the net, and send fish pictures all from the comfort of their rooms without phone lines or DSL cables.

Casting with laptop in hand takes special training and coordination so guests may have to put down your computer to catch fish. Fish are difficult to catch on the web, particularly oversized. Isn’t technology wonderful!