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On Schedule With the Fish

One of the most frequently questions at Redfish Lodge is “When is the best time to catch … ?” or “What is the best bait for …?” or “If we book in October, what can we expect to catch?” To help give you an idea, we have put together a handy reference chart to cut out and put on the fridge so you will always know when to visit and what you can catch.


Of course these are only guidelines to increase your odds of catching your target species. These fish can be anywhere at any time, so the best thing to do is have your bait in the water as often as possible. When booking your trip, use these guidelines to pick a time frame and let the gang down at Redfish Lodge know if there is something specific you would like to catch and they can gear up to provide you with the best shot at that fish.

When Fishing Is Best: March through May, September through December
Preferred baits: Live shrimp, mullet, piggy perch, menhaden, crabs, mud minnows; Lures designed to imitate above baits such as topwaters, soft plastic shrimp, gold spoons, swimming shad, sand eels
Trophy Red: Possible anytime, best chance in October and November; Crab, piggy perch, big mullet, or lure

Speckled Trout
When Fishing Is Best: February through December
Preferred Baits: Croakers, piggy perch, shrimp, mullet; Lures such as topwaters, sand eels, Corkies, or swimming shad
Trophy Trout: February through early May; Corky, topwater, croaker, piggy perch

Surf and Jetty Fishing
When Fishing is Best: July through early September
Preferred Baits: Croakers and piggy perch for trout and reds; Ribbonfish and crankbaits for kingfish; Piggy perch and mullet for ling; shrimp or shrimp imitations for tripletail; Mullet or menhaden for tarpon
Trophy Surf or Jetty Fish: Any time there is an opportunity to get out there

Black Drum
When Fishing Is Best: February through early May, September through November
Preferred Baits: Crabs, shrimp, sea lice; Limited choice of lures, mostly by accident
Trophy Drum: February through early April; Crab or sea lice

When Fishing is Best: March through May, October through November
Preferred Baits: Shrimp, mud minnows, mullet; Soft plastic lures, jigs
Trophy Flounder: October and November; Mud minnows, jigs

When Fishing is Best: May through September
Preferred Baits: Ribbonfish, mullet, hard tails; Diving crankbaits, Russell lures, squid jigs
Trophy King: May through September, Live mullet, crankbaits

Fly Fishing
When Fishing is Best: July through September
Preferred Baits: Shrimp imitations such as ghost shrimp, snapping shrimp, grass shrimp, or small poppers; Finfish patterns such as sea-ducers, needle nose, mud minnow, clouser, or spoon fly; Crab patterns such as crazy Charlie or merkin crab
Trophy Fly-Caught Fish: March or April for trout, August or September for Reds and Drum