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Redfish Lodge and the Environment

Redfish Lodge has always been concerned about the environment, but until now we have concentrated on the fishing aspects. For many years now our night fishing has been catch and release only with artificial bait. We choose to do this to help protect the fish population in Copano Bay. Now we hope to make significant improvements in the day to day operation of the lodge itself by improving our recycling efforts.

Guests will notice receptacles for plastic water bottles and aluminium cans in their rooms and in both lodges. We will separate paper and glass from the rest of our trash. Rockport itself only recycles glass and aluminium but we hope with the help of BFI, our local waste management company, we can recycle paper and plastic as well.

The very nature of a fishing lodge is not environmentally friendly. Our boats and vehicles burn a lot of fuel and we even pack our fish in disposable plastic bags. We have been unable to find any viable alternatives. There are 42 billion plastic bags used every year worldwide, a figure that increases by a half a million bags every minute. Most bags are not biodegradable and paper bags are not a great substitute. More greenhouse gases are released in their manufacture and transportation than in the production of plastic. The solution of course would be to ban their use, but only the country of Ireland has been successful thus far.

In addition to our on-property recycling efforts, our modest contribution is to provide as your bed amenity a complimentary tote that we hope will replace plastic in your everyday travels. Bring it to the grocery store, the mall, or anywhere else you would normally use a paper or plastic bag. And think of Redfish Lodge while you are there.