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Explore Your Own Backyard

boats-txi_6218Let’s face it, times are a little tough right now. The entertainment budget is stretched a little thin. Airlines are a hassle, security is a pain, and bad service has become the norm in most industries. Providing transportation, accommodations, and entertainment to clients and guests can be a fairly expensive endeavor. Lucky for so many of us who live in Texas, there are a huge number of things to do right here in our own backyards to help stretch those entertainment dollars.

Redfish Lodge, the premier coastal fishing destination, is located just a short drive from San Antonio, Austin, or Houston. Our facilities will impress, our outstanding staff will exceed your customer service expectations, our food rivals the finest restaurants anywhere, and the fishing is second to none on the coast. Additionally, there is no need to arrive two hours early for a flight, get through a security checkpoint, have a package containing two mini-pretzels thrown at you by a disgruntled airline employee, or sit on a runway for hours due to “equipment malfunction.” That’s not to mention the ticket fees, the checked bag expense, and the parking.

Best of all, Redfish Lodge provides an experience that allows you to relax with your clients while we provide all of the services required to impress you and them. Just bring a hat, some Explore Your Own Backyard sunglasses, and a fishing license. We will take care of the rest in a manner that will make you and your guests feel like royalty.

sunsetPackages are all-inclusive with no hidden fees, and can be customized for any duration and number of guests from one to 26. We cater to every skill level of angler from novice to seasoned expert. All tackle is provided, making travel even easier. You can leave your passport at home, there will always be a parking space when you arrive, and no one will throw mini-pretzels at you during your entire visit.

So stay a little closer to home and see what the Texas Coast and Redfish Lodge have to offer. You may be surprised to find how good things can be in your own backyard!