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Pelican the Dog

Of all the interesting catches brought to dock during the 2009 season, one definitely stands out … or up. Yes, and on four feet at that. In June, guests from South Coast Terminals group out of Houston were fishing on Johan’s boat when they caught a dogfish … minus the fish!


While running down the Corpus Christi ship channel from one fishing spot to another, they noticed something fl oating, or swimming, in the water. Johan maneuvered the boat up next to it, and hauled aboard a wet, tired dog! The dog was a very wellbehaved healer mix, and spent the rest of the fishing day quietly curled up on the deck of the boat. The guests took pictures, petted the dog, and laughed about their “catch.”


Johan brought the dog home and had him checked at the vet for health. When the check came up good news, Johan named him Pelican, after the island off of which he was rescued, and welcomed him into the family.


After enjoying two weeks with his new pet, Johan found out from a neighbor that there was a sign up at one of the local boat ramps for a lost dog and Pelican’s picture was on it. Johan contacted the owner, a local shrimper, and returned Pelican to his home. Evidently, the dog jumped ship while out shrimping that day and his absence was not noticed until he was no longer in sight of the boat.


Now here is where the story gets interesting. The guests were taking pictures of the dog on their phones and sending them to family and friends. These in turn got passed to others, and a few weeks later a picture came back that shows what a small world we live in. One of the guests received a picture of the same dog taken 2 weeks before the fateful rescue being petted and fed by a family friend at a harbor in Corpus Christi. He sent the “before and after” photos to the lodge, thinking Johan might get a kick out of them, and they are unmistakably the same dog!

Apparently this dog has a habit of jumping ship and relying on passersby who give him a hand. One thing that was agreed upon by Johan and his guests … this one was definitely a keeper!