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Reusable Bottles

IN AN EFFORT TO MAKE REDFISH LODGE MORE ECO-FRIENDLY FOR THE 2009 SEASON, WE LAUNCHED A MASSIVE RECYCLING CAMPAIGN. The goal was to see that all of the recyclable materials that the lodge used during the season would end up where they would do the most good. Unfortunately, we met with some shocking resistance from the local waste disposal companies. Much to our surprise, in the year 2009 there are still places, and evidently Corpus Christi, Texas is one of them, where you CANNOT recycle! After recovering from the shock of this news, we went to work to formulate a new plan.

plastic-bottle-101In the 2010 season, guests will arrive at the lodge to find a stainless steel personal water bottle on his or her bed. It will shamelessly have the Redfish Lodge logo painted on it and a place to write your name. Throughout the buildings, there will be water coolers that have five gallon bottles of spring water on them. Guests can fill up their personal water bottles, mix drinks, and have water with dinner without opening a single plastic water bottle. Personal bottles will travel well onto boats, and home with guests when they leave. The five gallon bottles used in the cooler are refilled by the water service company so as to avoid waste as well. Best of all, there will be no repeat of the 16,400 plastic water bottles that Redfish Lodge was responsible for adding to the landfills last year alone!

aerial-view-2Because we understand that the success of our type of business depends greatly on the condition of our environment, we feel a responsibility to protect our ecosystem to the best of our ability. THE LONGER WE CAN KEEP THIS AREA CLEAN AND FREE OF WASTE, THE LONGER WE WILL BE ABLE TO ENJOY THE AMAZING FISHERY IT SUSTAINS. That would be good for everyone! If you are interested in learning about or even joining the causes that are active in protecting the environment and fishery around Rockport, here are a few good ones. is protecting the natural fl ow of water in the Guadalupe delta, and is fighting for the reopening of the natural gulf pass in Mesquite Bay. Both organizations are dedicated to the long term health of the local fishery. Each year, we will try to institute a new way of reducing the environmental impact made by Redfish Lodge. If guests have any ideas or suggestions in this matter, please do not hesitate to let us know. Plans are already in the works for next year.

Maybe by 2011, we may be wind powered!