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Action Verbs You May Experience at Redfish Lodge

SET- You’re getting as bite, and the time has come to bury that hook and turn your fish inside out, so SET it! Can be substituted with HIT, PULL, or RIP (as in “his lips off”)

FIGHT- Not one you want on most vacations, but when pulling on a big red you better FIGHT him if you want him in the boat! Can be substituted with PLAY, GET ON, or YANK

RELAX- Yes, this can be an action verb too. Turn off the phone, forget about work, grab a cocktail and a chair and RELAX while watching the sun set. CHILL, UNWIND, ………

CAST- You want to catch one bigger than the one your fishing partner just landed, so CAST into his spot and get you one! See TOSS, CHUNK, or THROW

EAT- Serves multiple purposes on this trip. You want that big red swimming toward your lure to EAT it so the battle can get started. You are sitting down to EAT yet another delicious, beautifully prepared meal in the lodge dining room. Appropriately replaced with CHOW, CONSUME, or INGEST

WATCH- Your rod tip, the sunrise, those dolphins, the game on the big screen, the shore birds flying over have no meaning unless you WATCH them during your stay. You might also SEE, PAY ATTENTION, or FOCUS on these things.

BREATHE- Might be heavy and anxious while fighting a trophy trout, or deep and relaxed while testing the water in the hot tub, but don’t forget to BREATHE and take in the moment. Also see INHALE, EXHALE, SIGH.

WALK- The shells on the beach don’t find themselves, and the fish out on the end of the pier aren’t coming to get you, so WALK on down there and take advantage of what the lodge has to offer. You may also SHUFFLE, MEANDER, or MOSEY.

ENJOY- This one applies to virtually every aspect of your trip, so get to Redfish Lodge, the premier fishing destination on the Texas coast, and ENJOY your stay. You will also want to TAKE IN and REMEMBER.

RESERVE- Call or email today and RESERVE your stay in fishing paradise. We will HOLD, PENCIL IN, and CONFIRM for you!