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An early season fishing report from Brian

As a result of some really skillful planning, the opening of the 2015 Redfish Lodge season coincided almost perfectly with the arrival of spring.  I say almost because our first day was rained out by over 3” of rain.


We recovered quickly, and the warm days that have followed have produced some surprising numbers of trout on live shrimp and plastics alike.  Many are small and will provide a great crop for next year, but there are some nice keepers mixed in as well.

Light winds have granted access to mid-bay reefs, and they are holding abundant fish.  The copious rains of the last week have left Copano the color of iced tea, which is great to see and great for the sea grass a couple of months down the road.  Water temperatures have jumped out of the 50’s and  are approaching 70 degrees.  Bait fish are starting to show up in good numbers, and the fish are ready for them.

Spring is in full swing, and we are taking full advantage of it.  We still have a few open dates, so if you haven’t gotten the memo…Winter is over!  Let’s go fishing!