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Recollections of the 2013 season from Brian

Looking back on 2013, a few key points come to mind. The first is rain, as we had more of it than we have seen since 2009. Lower salinity and cooler water meant more shrimp and crabs, healthier and happier fish, and a great crop of sea grass. All very positive things.


2013 was also defined by a very late spring, where we did not see a consistent warming trend until mid-May, well over a month past what we consider “normal”. Croaker fishing did not get started until almost June, but shrimp under popping corks remained the best fish producers well into May.

The year, especially the latter part, was also defined by incredibly high tides not normally seen outside of a tropical storm. This forced guides to chase fish in areas we do not normally go, but the fish were there and more often than not they were hungry. It does spread the fish out a lot more, but as a rule the reds and drum like the big tides.

2013 also saw some HUGE reds, including the largest ever landed at redfish lodge, come to the boat. 3 over 40″, and several over 36 was an unusual and pleasant sight to see. Best of all, they were all released!

On the down side, this year had a noticeable fall-off in the trout fishing than we are accustomed to here in Rockport, with a few highlight months in June and July in an otherwise slow year. Ducks were also not very cooperative during the early season.  With so much water inland, they took advantage of the flooded crop fields throughout central Texas and took their sweet time getting to the coast.

The last defining aspect of the year was BUSY, as we saw more guests in 2013 than we have seen in any year since 2007. Thank you to all who visited Redfish Lodge this year and made it such s success. Happy Holidays, and we hope to see you again in 2014.