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Looking forward to the fall season at Redfish Lodge

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Summer seems to have come to an abrupt end on the Texas coastal bend, where the effects of hurricane Ingrid have changed the hot, dry 90 degree temperatures to the rain-cooled low 80’s.  And with that rain, the coastal waters have risen tremendously, giving us a big flush of tide and fish.

Summer and early fall fishing in Rockport always hinge on rain and water temperature, and both are working in our favor right now.  Plentiful rains throughout September have fired off the redfishing, and in a few days when this storm tide drops out those fish will take feeding to the next level.  The rivers will start flowing, and the shrimp migration will  have all of the gamefish fired up and feeding.

This puts our expectations for fall fishing right through the roof, and with the very busy second half of September and entire month of October coming up that will mean a lot of happy fishermen.  Just in the last week alone, we have added 15 reds and two trout to the Wall of Fame.  What a difference some rain makes!

If there is a negative impact with the rain, the doves that were plentiful last week have begun to scatter, finding water everywhere they look.  The same is currently true of the teal, which have chosen the newly filled inland ponds over the salt marshes to make their stopover before heading south.  As the standing water starts to soak into the ground, the doves will once again concentrate but the teal will already be migrating out.   Not good news for bird hunters, but a blow we are willing to take to assure excellent fall fishing and a healthy fishery.

We still have some dates available for the fall especially for one night/one day fishing trips. And some great availability for the regular duck season which kicks off November 2. There is one weekend open at the Ruddy in October, so if October 18 – 20 looks good for your group, give us a call.