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Hurricane Force Winds Pounded the Texas Coast

In the last week, the near hurricane force winds that have pounded the Texas coast have subsided and a summer pattern has begun to emerge. We now have access to the windward shorelines and mid-bay reefs that high winds kept us away from for the entire spring. This has opened up new areas for us to explore, and what we have found has been nothing short of amazing.

The trout, which were plentiful and biting even when the winds were blowing, have gone on a tear now that the water is greening and warming. Their numbers and size have been impressive to say the least. The redfishing, which typically begins to slow as the winds relax and water temperatures climb, has remained steady through all of May and now into the first week of June.

Two of the guests I have fished with in the last two weeks, both of which have visited redfish lodge at least yearly for the last decade, told me that this is the best fishing they have ever seen. If that doesn’t back up what I have been saying all spring, I do not know what will! Don’t take their word for it, or mine for that matter. Come and see for yourself what the 2011 fishing season at Redfish Lodge has to offer!