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Surf fishing anyone? Cast and Blast anyone?

August has certainly snuck up on us here at Redfish Lodge. We had such a busy spring and first half of summer that one blink and WHAM! August!  We have been very lucky that Copano Bay has had one of its best years in a decade, and not much traveling has been needed to catch some really nice fish. Maybe it was the cool spring, or the welcome  summer rains, but for whatever reason the trout, along with some big reds and a bunch of black drum have made themselves at home in Copano this year.

With summer heating up, we may need to fish deeper water with more tide movement for August. Hopefully we will get a run of great surf weather, as a few trips out there in July gave us a taste of how good it will be.

One blink and September will be here and the water will begin to cool again. This means the redfishing will heat up, not to mention the opening of dove season!  Cast and blast!  Looking at our bookings, it appears that our fall will be just as busy as spring was, so if you want to make a reservation you better get on it!  Hope to see you soon.