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A great letter from a new guest!

We get letters….glad they had such a great trip!

My husband and I recently stayed at Redfish Lodge to celebrate our one year anniversary (July 12-14) and had a wonderful time. We wanted to send you a note to tell you that our experience was above our expectations with not only the fishing, but during our time on the property as well.

Upon arrival Mary Helen greeted us on the grounds, gave us a brief tour and promptly whipped up a tasty appetizer for us to snack on after our drive in from Houston.  That evening we enjoyed many of the great amenities such as playing a game of ping pong while wishing we would find ourselves hanging a wooden fish on the wall of fame. Our evening host, Mace, took great care of us… Even going out of his way to purchase a loaf of bread for  me to feed the ducks after he saw how much fun I was having while feeding them left over rolls from our fabulous dinner.

We went to bed with great anticipation of the following mornings fishing trip not really sure what to expect with it being the middle of July in Texas and lets be honest… My husband is the experienced fisherman of the family and I wasn’t even entirely sure how to hold the rod and reel!  Heather, our morning host promptly knocked on our door that morning. For me, five am came very quickly! However, Jason was up out of bed and  eager  to get on the water. After getting ready, we enjoyed a tasty, hot breakfast and discovered the lunch selections laid out ready to pack for the boat trip. Heather was not only a great cook but she was so friendly and started getting us excited about the day on the water.  So far the trip had been a great success and we hadn’t even started fishing!!

A peaceful, relaxing vacation was underway and we had exceptional staff caring for us and we’d eaten wonderful food and drank plenty of beer and wine.  However, the real adventure really started as we stepped on Captain Joel’s boat before day break. He was very knowledgeable and got us right to work finding trout. He was incredible patient with me while teaching me how to cast while keeping my extremely talented husband baited up and reeling in fish!  That first day was a rough one as the wind decided to not blow leaving it fairly hot and the bottle nose dolphins were uncannily attracted to every good fishing hole :). While that was no issue for me as I thought it was fantastic to see one so close, I quickly realized it was bad for fishing!  Even with the odds not being in our favor, Joel worked us around the bay. My husband and I walked away with 14 keeper trout with one coming in at 23 inches! I have to admit… I contributed very little to the expedition as I found myself mostly pulling in ‘hard head’s or sub-15 inch trout. Yet still by the end of the day I had the biggest smile as I learned to cast on my own and could even untangle my reel should I find myself in an unfortunate situation my casting didn’t go well.

Our first day was a huge success all thanks to Joel for managing between two very different skill levels in tougher fishing conditions. Luckily, we(and by we I really mean Jason) were able to catch our own dinner and that evening the fish were amazingly prepared by Mary Helen. The new arrivals were very jealous of our pecan crusted trout and couldn’t wait for their turn the night after.

And if everything aforementioned wasn’t good enough, we still haven’t even gotten to the best part.  The next morning, 5am came and again we got ready, had breakfast and were meet by Joel ready to take us out for day two. I wasn’t really expecting to have a better time that day than we did the day before… But somehow we managed to do exactly that.  Joel’s coaching the day before must have sunk in overnight (combined with a lot of luck) because that day we worked the bay again and pulled 20 keeper speckled  trout, 1 sand trout and a 20.5 red fish!  Of the 20 keeper speckled trout over 7 where over 20 inches. (20 1/4, 23, 23, 23 1/2,  24,  24 1/8, and 24 1/4). Proudly I can say that reeled in five of the seven!! Jason and Joel were both equally impressed with my secret talent for bay fishing.  Joel truly made our fishing experience fun and memorable for both of us… Even stopping to let us take some great photos on the boat at the end  of the day! I’d love to share the photos with you showing Jason and my smiling faces and our mess of fish!Thanks to all of the staff at Redfish Lodge for making our experience so amazing.  Jason and I were very pleased and have some fantastic memories  from our first anniversary. It was truly one that we will both treasure and are sure to return in the future