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We Fished Like It Was October!

While tropical storm Lee did not give us the rain we were hoping for in Rockport last weekend, it did give us a look at what fall has in store for fishing in the coastal bend. The tide surge brought us cooler water, and the northwest wind blew as if a front had arrived.

Since it looked and felt like October, we fished like it was October, and the fish acted like it was October! Shrimp, croakers, and piggy perch all met a quick end on the reefs of North Aransas, Mesquite, and Ayers bays thanks to some really hungry reds, trout, and drum.

On labor day a real front passed through our area, forcing the tide out and bringing some much needed relief from the unusually hot summer. The last few nights have seen temperatures in the mid-60’s and daytime highs in the upper 80’s, causing a drop in water temperature of nearly 10 degrees from last week.

Ducks and doves have already begun to arrive on the coast, fishing will do nothing but improve with the onset of fall. If we get a little rain in the coming weeks, this may set up to be the best fall fishing we have ever seen.

We still have dates available for September, October and November. Please contact us to book your fishing trip, dove cast and blast (Sept 24 – Oct 30) or duck cast and blast (Nov 5 – 27).