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Looking Ahead to Fishing Season

With “winter” coming to an end, or never even starting as the case may be, it is time to start looking ahead to FISHING SEASON!  The relatively rainy start to 2012, combined with a nonexistent winter has really set up for a perfect spring fishing scenario.  Reds and drum have been plentiful in our bays all winter long, although a bit moody most days as is typical in winter.  And by moody I mean find a school of 500, throw everything but the kitchen sink at them, and catch three.  But with the water warming and the spring winds ramping up their appetites are about to kick into high gear.

The spawning run of black drum in Corpus Christi bay is already in full swing, and lots of arms are getting worn out by the big bruisers as I sit here typing this.  For the wadefishing junkies, trout have been plentiful on artificials in Copano, Aransas, and St. Charles bays, and with a shortage of live bait all winter only the lure chunkers have been cashing in.

With the water warming and the shrimp and mullet returning to the bays, bait will hopefully not be a problem for spring fishing.  The red tide that was in the area most of the fall has receded, and while it took a toll on the baitfish, very few of our gamefish were affected.  Oyster season remained closed in the area all winter long, which means the reefs were left alone for the fish to populate.

Many of the guests I fished with last year, whom have been coming to the lodge for many years, said they experienced the best fishing they have ever seen in 2011.  The bar was set very high with the outstanding fishing most of last year, but with a little cooperation from mother nature and a little luck, 2012 may just meet or exceed those expectations.  If you haven’t booked your spring trip to Redfish Lodge yet, now is the time.  Spaces are filling up fast and you don’t want to miss out on what promises to be one great spring.