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2012 In Retrospect

With the 2012 season in the books, I finally have a little time for retrospection into the year that was. If I had only one word to describe it, it would be BUSY. I guess that is why we call it a BUSIness, and we are fortunate to have been able to host so many guests during the year.

Here in the last few weeks of fishing, the trout that have not been cooperative for most of the fall have really showed up in force. They have been awaiting the cooler weather and water temperatures, which certainly took their sweet time getting here. Normal years see the bay water temperatures down into the 60s in early October, and 50s showing up in early November. This year I waded wet in the first week of November with a water temperature of 77. While this kept the trout shy and uncooperative most days, the redfish and black drum did not seem to mind at all. We saw great fishing for both redfish and drum beginning in July and staying consistent right up to now. Best of all, the fish have really showed up close to home with many boats never losing sight of the lodge or Goose Island State Park. This means less driving time and more fishing time. Shrimp under a popping cork have really been the ticket for all species, but on really windy days cut mullet and dead shrimp have been best for reds and drum.

November saw an unusual run of pompano in the bays, and many boats were bring home one or two each day. They are great fighters and fantastic table fare, so they are a welcome addition to the box. Flounder, which have been a bit scarce in the area the last few years have made a resurgence in 2012, and more than a few “saddle blankets” have hit the boat deck.

It would not be an official redfish lodge fishing report unless I spoke a little about the rain, and this year the news is a lot better. We nearly made it to our annual rainfall total in 2012, which helps the fish and the bays in so many ways. Mid-summer water temperatures stayed down, sea grasses grew more abundantly, and the shrimp and baitfish migration took a big leap forward from 2011. We will be starting 2013 in much better shape than we began 2012, but we still need periodic rain to keep our fishery in peak condition.

All signs point to a pretty mild winter based on what we have seen so far, so spring fishing should start early and be really productive. We are opening two weeks earlier than usual to accommodate spring breakers and a larger than usual volume of guests. If you are interested in booking some dates in 2013, pick up the phone and give us a call. Dates are going quickly. To all of you who visited us in 2012, we thank you for your business and hope to see you again in 2013. If we missed you in 2012, life is short so go fishing! Have a wonderful holiday season and a great and prosperous new year!