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2006 The Best Fishing Year In Redfish Lodge History

2006 was a year that will be remembered fondly by Redfish Lodge guests and staff alike. The staff will remember the largest crowd and the busiest season in our fifteen year history, with old familiar faces and fresh new ones as well. The guests will hopefully remember the best fishing year the lodge has ever had, with more fish of more species caught than any prior season. The Redfish Lodge and Aransas bay system redfish record was set in May with a 35-pounder, and we saw a handful of others in excess of 25 pounds. The lodge record black drum was broken in March with a 70.2-pound monster, and 102 catches qualified for the Wall of Fame. Overall the weather was good, with adequate rainfall and no close call from hurricanes. September saw a red tide give us a little scare, but it stayed well south of our fishery and went away without affecting us.

2007 gives every indication of following suit with the success of ’06. The bookings are again coming in at record pace, which means we are in for another busy year. The fishing seems to be going nowhere but up. This can be attributed partly to the excellent health of our fishery, and partly to the ever-increasing knowledge of our guide staff that have put yet another year under their belts and in the log books. One benefit of fishing at Redfish Lodge is that you always have seven boats looking for fish for you to catch! Adequate winter rain points to a great spring trout season, and redfishing has showed consistent improvement over the last several years, so we expect that trend to continue as well.

Guests in the 2007 season will notice some renovations to the Lodge upon arrival. The kitchen has been completely remodeled and updated, but it will continue to put out the same great food it has in the past. A beautiful wood floor has been installed in the main lodge and a fresh coat of interior paint will make the facility sparkle even more. We have a couple of new boats in the guide fleet, and have added some staff to provide better service to our growing number of guests. 2006 will be a tough act to follow, but here at Redfish Lodge we are pulling out all the stops to do just that.