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Best July and August Anyone Can Remember

With tropical storm Erin having just soaked the coastal bend yesterday and hurricane Dean threatening to do the same, the hot topic of the 2007 fishing season is definitely rain.  With record breaking rains throughout Texas, the fresh water falling from the sky and flowing down the rivers has turned our fishing waters into drinking water.  At first glance this may seem like a bad thing, but anyone who has been to Redfish Lodge in the last three months can attest to the contrary. 

The deluge of fresh water has pushed huge numbers of trout and redfish out of the back bays and into the higher saline areas of South Rockport and Port Aransas.  These increased populations, combined with the rain-cooled water temperatures have made for lots of hungry and active fish.  July and August, not known to be great redfish months, have been the best anyone can remember.  The limited opportunities we have been afforded to get out into the gulf surf have not hurt us, as the trout fishing in the bay has been so consistent.

The fish that remained in the back bays have been left undisturbed by anglers and have had a steady diet of shrimp and crayfish for the last three months.  As the green waters of the gulf creep their way back into these areas over the next few months, we should see an extraordinary fall redfish bonanza throughout our bay system.

If there is a down side to all of the rain, it has made travel difficult at times for our guests, and has really slowed the night fishing off the beach and piers at the lodge.  With three rivers feeding it, Copano is one of the hardest hit bays when the rains come.  We had a similar situation in 2003 when there was not measurable salinity in Copano due to rain, and when the tides flushed and cleaned it, one of the best fishing years in Redfish Lodges history ensued.  We are hoping for a similar outcome from this flood.

To summarize, if it stops raining the back bays are going to explode with redfish activity.  If the rains continue to fall, more fish will be pushed into the areas where fishing is currently so good.  Any way you look at it, it is going to be a great fall in Rockport.