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Right On Schedule For A Great Fishing Year

It seems like only yesterday that we packed up our fishing rods for the winter and turned our focus on readying Redfish Lodge for the 2008 season. With no unusual cold spells or warming trends, the 07-08 winter seemed to be a normal one, as hard as that is to define in South Texas. Fishing, especially for reds, remained consistent throughout the winter as it seemed to do throughout the 2007 season. Looking ahead to our opening in March, it seems as though everything is right on schedule for a great fishing year.

By the time the lodge reopens, the black drum spawning run will be in full swing. For those of you that have not experienced this event, it means big fish and lots of them. March is also a time to hunt for big trout while wading with top water lures and soft plastics. The pre-spawn is the best time to hang that trophy trout on the wall. As the water warms throughout March, reds and trout alike will be looking to fatten up from a winter of slow metabolism and decreased baitfish availability. The warm water will signal the return of a myriad of baitfish and the feeding frenzy that will follow.

By the first of May, croakers will be the preferred baitfish and trout will be plentiful. This great spec run will last throughout June and July, with the bigger fish caught earlier in the run. These months should also provide some good lure action, especially while wading the back bays and newly sprouted grass beds. If last years trend continues, we will also see great redfish action throughout this time frame, making it an ideal time to visit Redfish Lodge and fish the coast.