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2013 Photo Contest Winner

Redfish Smile is the winning picture with 48.4% of the votes! Jeff Dennis, start planning your trip to Redfish Lodge.

Action Verbs You May Experience at Redfish Lodge

SET- You’re getting as bite, and the time has come to bury that hook and turn your fish inside out, so SET it! Can be substituted with HIT, PULL, or RIP (as in “his lips off”)

FIGHT- Not one you want on most vacations, but when pulling on a big red you better FIGHT him if you want him in the boat! Can be substituted with PLAY, GET ON, or YANK (more…)

Hurricane Ike Visits Redfish Lodge

Redfish Lodge is open and ready for business!

Fall came to Rockport in a very sudden and exciting way! Hurricane Ike, which seemed to be making a run at the Coastal Bend, caused Redfish Lodge to close up, board up, and head for higher ground. When we returned, a giant tide had risen and had begun to recede, leaving us with a flooded office and some soggy lawns.

We were the lucky ones. Galveston, Houston, and surrounding areas have our deepest sympathies for what they have had to endure for the last week. When the tide came up 3 to 4 feet,, it left us with more than soggy grounds, it left redfish everywhere. Roadside ditches, cow pastures, all the places they usually can’t swim was their playground. As the tide falls, and we can begin using the boat ramps again, we will head out in search of the biggest concentrations of the spot-tailed beauties to get our guests into some rod bending action. (more…)