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36 lb. Redfish On a Piggy Perch

Over the past few weeks, Redfish Lodge has had a couple of near misses thrown at her by mother nature, but we continue to stay on the lucky side of things.  A couple good doses of rain and flushes of tide cranked up a summer fishing pattern that was in danger of falling into the doldrums of high salinity and hot water.  In the last week, redfish have become more active in the daytime and trout action has picked up as well.  On August 3, guest Laura Dayton caught and released a new lodge record 36 lb. redfish on a piggy perch at the north jetty in Port Aransas. (more…)

Trout Fishing Off The Charts

The summer weather pattern has finally settled in after one of the strangest springs we have ever had at Redfish Lodge.  Into late May, we were seeing strong cold fronts every five days or so, dropping water temperatures and moving trout off their spawning patterns.  The last of the fronts has come and gone, and the croaker fishing has been red hot.  It has been a real treat to fish Copano after losing the entire season on our home water last summer due to the record-setting rains.  This year the water is green, the salinity is perfect, and for the last few weeks the trout fishing has been off the chart.  The winds have kept us off the deep water reefs for the most part, but there have been plenty of fish, including some big trout, on the shorelines around the lodge.

We have had some very solid days throwing lures both down south in the flats and up in St. Charles Bay.  A good mix of trout and reds, mixed with some tremendous flounder, have made for some exciting wades.  The night fishing on the beach and pier has been outstanding as well, with the average size trout way up from years past.  I guess giving Copano Bay a year off is paying off nicely!  As the winds settle and the water greens up this summer, reef fishing for trout will only improve in Copano, Aransas, and San Antonio Bays.  Hopefully we will get to the surf for some great action as well.  We hope to see you on a fishing trip this summer!

Right On Schedule For A Great Fishing Year

It seems like only yesterday that we packed up our fishing rods for the winter and turned our focus on readying Redfish Lodge for the 2008 season. With no unusual cold spells or warming trends, the 07-08 winter seemed to be a normal one, as hard as that is to define in South Texas. Fishing, especially for reds, remained consistent throughout the winter as it seemed to do throughout the 2007 season. Looking ahead to our opening in March, it seems as though everything is right on schedule for a great fishing year. (more…)

Best July and August Anyone Can Remember

With tropical storm Erin having just soaked the coastal bend yesterday and hurricane Dean threatening to do the same, the hot topic of the 2007 fishing season is definitely rain.  With record breaking rains throughout Texas, the fresh water falling from the sky and flowing down the rivers has turned our fishing waters into drinking water.  At first glance this may seem like a bad thing, but anyone who has been to Redfish Lodge in the last three months can attest to the contrary.  (more…)

Redfish Flood The Flats of Estes and Redfish Bay

The warm waters of spring were slow to arrive in 2007, changing the normal patterns significantly in the coastal bend.  Cold temperatures throughout February and a frost in early March delayed the spawning run of black drum, with only a few fish being caught in what should be the peak of the season.  The low tides that accompanied these cold spells have kept the redfish off of the shorelines, making them tough to keep track of early March.

Trout, and good size ones, have been plentiful on the reefs and shorelines of our area, as long as you keep a winter mindset.  Soft, dark colored bottoms and slow bait presentations have been the key to some great trout action.  The shrimp migration thus far has been nonexistent, making live bait acquisition difficult and lures a necessity. (more…)

2006 The Best Fishing Year In Redfish Lodge History

2006 was a year that will be remembered fondly by Redfish Lodge guests and staff alike. The staff will remember the largest crowd and the busiest season in our fifteen year history, with old familiar faces and fresh new ones as well. The guests will hopefully remember the best fishing year the lodge has ever had, with more fish of more species caught than any prior season. The Redfish Lodge and Aransas bay system redfish record was set in May with a 35-pounder, and we saw a handful of others in excess of 25 pounds. The lodge record black drum was broken in March with a 70.2-pound monster, and 102 catches qualified for the Wall of Fame. Overall the weather was good, with adequate rainfall and no close call from hurricanes. September saw a red tide give us a little scare, but it stayed well south of our fishery and went away without affecting us. (more…)