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Plentiful Rains and Outstanding Fishing

What a difference a year makes! Last summer in July and August we were nearing the end of one of the worst droughts in Texas history. The water was hot and salty and the fish were scarce and uncooperative.

This year the rains have been plentiful and fishing has been outstanding. Trout have been consistent throughout the summer and the rains and tide surge brought on by hurricane Alex revitalized the redfish resulting in the best summer red action we have ever had.

The 2+ inches of rain that has fallen this week will ensure that the water will remain cool and the action hot throughout August and into mid September. With great fishing and the outstanding food, hospitality, and accommodations that have made Redfish Lodge famous, this summer is a great time to visit! Come see for yourself.

3 Reds On The Wall Of Fame

Despite unusually high winds, fishing in Rockport for the most part has been consistently good to great. Croaker fishing for trout has been producing some nice catches, and surprisingly the red and drum fishing on the shell has been great with shrimp. Last week saw 3 reds up to 31 go on the wall of fame as well as a giant 30-1/2 trout! In the next few weeks we will be switching from croakers to piggy perch and hopefully the wind will lay and we will be able to visit the surf and see what it holds.

A few rain showers here and there have kept the water in great shape and the summer is looking to be a good one as far as fishing goes. We are sad to see the events unfolding in Louisiana and are thankful that they have not affected our fishing to this point. Hope to see you this summer.

Red Hot Redfishing

The Redfish Lodge season has started with a bang, both in the number of guests and the number of fish. Winter rains and a late arrival of spring has kept redfishing red hot. Cooler water and big tides have had the reds and drum snapping from San Antonio Bay to Ingleside on everything from mullet to shrimp to croakers. Speaking of croakers, we started fishing them last week with excellent success both in numbers and size of trout being caught. On days when the wind is down, the outside beaches of Traylor, Ransom, Mud, and Dagger Islands have all produced great boxes of trout.

When the wind is up, potholing in the flats has been productive for reds and some nice trout. The huge number of baitfish migrating through our bays right now have kept the fish well fed and happy. Glass minnows, menhaden, shrimp, and croakers are showing up in numbers not seen in area bays in years. An occasional rainstorm through May and June would assure one of the best fishing seasons Rockport has seen in some time.

If you do not already have a booking for June, July, or August, now is the time to make one!

Falling Into The Spring Pattern

Hey Gang, here is a fishing report over the last few weeks. As one can imagine, we are starting to fall into our spring pattern. Generally speaking, this includes an increase in everything from wind, tide, bait, and temperatures. With that. . . .You called it, a more stable pattern and bite.

As far as the fishing goes in our northern territory, we have had some great days on the deep shell. When conditions have allowed for it, we have seen nice trout, reds, and drum on the windblown sides of shell into San Antonio Bay. As well, when the tide and wind increased, some great days were had fishing the flooded grass in Dunham Bay for reds and drum. As far as your bait check; we have been using shrimp, crabs, and mullet. (more…)

Rockport Ralph

Rockport Ralph, a distant cousin of Punxsutawney Phil, and of course a redfish, poked his tail out of a sandhole where he spent the winter, and declared that spring has finally arrived on the Texas coast! Yesterday the water temperature gauge on my boat reached 60 degrees for the first time since December, and baitfish have begun to show up on the reefs and shorelines again. The trout and reds are never far behind, which means that fishing is about to get good. (more…)

How’s The Fishing? I Don’t Know!

Last week at the Dallas Safari Club expo, I was repeatedly bombarded with the same question: “How’s the fishing?”  A fair question, considering we are a fishing resort and they were contemplating a fishing trip.  But for the first time in 17 years, I found myself thinking, and saying aloud “I don’t know.”

While the fall of 2009 ended with a bang, and both red and trout fishing being good to excellent, the winter promised by El Nino soon settled in.  I am certainly not complaining about our winter weather, especially considering the blizzards and sub-zero temperatures throughout the U.S., but the constant drizzle and forty-something degree temperatures that blanketed the coast at the first of December and  hung around until this week have not been at all conducive for fishing. (more…)

Rockport Fishing Takes Off

Once the rain began falling in September, the fishing in the waters around Rockport really took off. Redfish and drum showed up on the flats and shorelines in huge numbers, and the worse the weather the better they bit.

In mid-October, a good trout bite began in San Antonio bay and a few larger trout showed up on Estes flats as well. The red tide got as close as Packery Channel south of Corpus Christi, but had no effect on our fishery whatsoever. It was great to see that the weather change had an immediate and profound effect on the fishing, giving us one of the best falls in years! These fish are expected to stick around here now that conditions are favorable, and spring fishing should start off with a bang.

If you are interested in a guided trip over the winter, call the Redfish Lodge office and set something up. Hope to see you next year!

Redfish Lodge Puts Guests On Fish

It’s still hot!  It still has not rained!  The summer has dished out some tough conditions.  And the fish are still biting!  It has not been as easy as many summers, and we have had to employ some new tactics and expand our range, but Redfish Lodge has consistently put guests on fish.

Trips to the gulf surf, Ingleside, and even the Laguna Madre have proven fruitful this summer, and we are now getting the indications that fish are beginning to return to our home waters of Aransas and even Copano Bays after a temporary hiatus due to high salinity.  In the past few weeks, redfishing has been excellent around Estes Flats and Redfish Bay, and some nice trout are showing themselves around Port Aransas and on the deep shell of Copano, San Antonio, and Aransas bays.  Croakers are still the bait of choice, as the fish have not turned on to piggy perch yet, but that transition should take place in the next couple of weeks.

A few more weeks of hot conditions will dominate South Texas, but with September just around the corner we should start to see cooler temperatures and with that the redfishing should really turn on!  A little rain would help get the shrimp moving and the creeks flowing, but the fish are here and ready to eat now.

We have one more month to get to the surf for trout, reds, and kingfish before they move out of range for the fall.  Then it’s redfish time!

Quick Review of 2008

A quick review of the 2008 season at Redfish Lodge brings a few images immediately to mind.  Hurricane Dolly’s visit in July slowed down what was a terrific trout season.  After a short respite, Ike ravaged the Texas coast and put a stop to EVERYTHING.  A four-foot storm tide brought flooding and some damage to the Lodge property, but made guests unable to visit for nearly three weeks.  Ike also sent a tide swell into the back bays and up the rivers that brought the water salinity to the same level as the center of the Gulf of Mexico.  This halted the shrimp migration and sent the fish, which were already facing drought conditions, into patterns that even they were not familiar with.  Mix all of this together with $4/gallon gas for several months, and a quick review of 2008 is not a good one. (more…)

We Were The Lucky Ones

Fall came to Rockport in a very sudden and exciting way! Hurricane Ike, which seemed to be making a run at the Coastal Bend, caused Redfish Lodge to close up, board up, and head for higher ground. When we returned, a giant tide had risen and had begun to recede, leaving us with a flooded office and some soggy lawns (see pictures). We were the lucky ones. Galveston, Houston, and surrounding areas have our deepest sympathies for what they have had to endure for the last week. When the tide came up 3 to 4 feet, it left us with more than soggy grounds, it left redfish everywhere. Roadside ditches, cow pastures, all the places they usually can’t swim was their playground. As the tide falls, and we can begin using the boat ramps again, we will head out in search of the biggest concentrations of the spot-tailed beauties to get our guests into some rod bending action.

While Ike was stealing all of the weather headlines, a powerful cold front moved through Rockport bringing much-needed rain and a few nights of 60-degree temperatures. For those of you who read these fishing forecasts yearly, I always preach about the first big cold front of the year kicking off the heart of the redfish season. Combine that event with a flood tide of three feet or more, and this has all the makings of the best redfish season ever! I can’t wait to get out there and find out.