Redfish News & Updates+

Redfish April 2016 Fishing Update

2016-04-19 22:40:51

2016 is on track to be the best fishing year in Redfish Lodge history!

Redfish Lodge 2016 Fishing Report

2016-01-05 02:27:55

Seagrass grew in places it has not been seen in decades, crab, shrimp and menhaden populations are at all-time highs. The bay is in optimum condition which is great news for its aquatic residents.

Fall Transition

2015-08-11 01:57:44

The air is cooling down, but the action is heating up as bait pours out of Gulf estuaries and fish fatten up for winter. Sometimes it is as subtle as a chill in the pre-dawn air accompanied by the pungent smell of dirt. Maybe it is a bit more obvious, ...

Summer 2015 Fishing Update

2015-08-06 15:56:25

Cooler than normal bay waters and lower salinity have translated into a bounty of healthy, hungry trout.

A Spring Fishing Report From Brian

2015-05-15 03:30:07

Lots of rain combined with lots of tide has been a recipe for lots of fish! This spring has been really productive for trout and drum alike, and in the last two weeks the reds have decided to join the party.

An early season fishing report from Brian

2015-03-25 12:45:40

As a result of some really skillful planning, the opening of the 2015 Redfish Lodge season coincided almost perfectly with the arrival of spring. I say almost because our first day was rained out by over 3 of rain.